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Frequently asked questions

Getting to know WaifuChain

What is WaifuChain?

WaifuChain is an ecosystem built around waifus. Each Waifu is unique, and completely owned by you, that means that it cannot be destroyed nor taken away. You make the call to buy, sell or trade your Waifus!

What makes WaifuChain special?

•Trustless marketplace
•100% uptime
•You have full control over your waifus

What makes WaifuChain different from other cryptocollectibles?

•Everything is under control of the waifu DAO, formed by all the waifu owners
•The development team isn’t in for a quick buck.
•And it has Waifus obvs

When did the Beta launch?

It launched on Monday 3rd December on the Rinkeby testnet.

When will the Beta end?

Thursday 28th February.

When is the official release?

One day after the Beta ends, which is Friday 1st March. What a coincidence, the world really acts in some mysterious ways, right?

How many Waifus are available?

In the first distribution there will be a total of 450!

Buying and Selling

How do I get a Waifu?

By bidding in the auctions that will take place every day or buying one from someone else in the marketplace.

How to buy, sell and/or trade?

Any wallet which implements ERC720 tokens should let you view and send your waifus, while trading can be done on

How do I know if my transaction was successful?

Once the transaction is mined, you will see a notification in the dapp with the information whether your transaction was a success or not.


What else can I do with my Waifus?

We have a twitter extension (so you can show other people what hotties you have) and soon a discord bot will be available, check our RoadMap for more information about whats commin’ next

How many Waifus will the developers keep?

Everyone will be on equal footing in the auctions. The development team will not have any advantage over other players and will not have any Waifus distributed to them. You can check this on the smart contract.

How big is the dev’s cut?

None. Zero. Null. Nothing. Nada. Uhh I cannot think of more examples, but you get the idea.

Where does the money from the auctions go?

It goes 100% to the DAO.

What is the Waifu DAO?

DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Its objective is to make democratic decisions regarding the project and where it is headed.

How to become a part of the DAO?

That is simple my friend! When you own a waifu, you automatically become part of the DAO

How can I reach the WaifuChain team?

We are most active on discord, join our server here: We are also available at

Why doesn't anybody love me?

A fake 2D girl will always love you, go grab one! Besides, everyone knows that 2D>3D