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Buy, own and trade your favourite waifus.

What is WaifuChain?

WaifuChain is a waifu ownership system built on the Ethereum blockchain.
Waifus can be obtained in auctions, traded, sold and used in several of our projects, which include a conversational waifu AI that lets you talk with any waifu provided that you own her, a pokemon battle royale game that lets you use waifus as cosmetic skins, and much more to come. Just check our roadmap!

What’s the big deal?

WaifuChain is an ecosystem built on blockchain technology (what makes Ethereum and Bitcoin possible. Yay!). That means you can buy, sell or trade your Waifus securely, knowing that Ethereum’s blockchain will track ownership of every waifu. Moreover, all the decisions regarding the Project are to be taken by a democratic organization formed by all the waifu owners, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO for friends).


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